Viair (00077) 77P Portable Compressor Kit Review

In according to all the features and qualification ‘VIAIR’ is one of the best brands for a portable air compressor. They always import very good quality products. It is also one of the best 12v portable air compressors on the market. You will surprise when you will see the user reviews. You have not seen such amount of positive reviews like this one.

The users always like to take something new and useful. This portable air compressor is really one of the best air tools. This is also one of the most powerful units for your car tire inflation. You will just find all the necessary specifications and usefulness with it. We have discussed everything in the bellow.

In fact, most of the users consider it as their best choice ever. And if you really like to change your previous one, this is the best choice also for you. Not only that, this is also a cheap air compressor. So the people who looking for a compressor for the low price, this is also best for them.

To tell about this compressor kit, we should tell you why this is a popular one. And then you will understand the reasons why you should choose this. To find out the best thing, you need to know more about it. Here we will tell about why people like this very much and why this is best?

Powerful Unit

Most of the people, like this small sized item for power. This portable air compressor is powered by an auxiliary power outlet. This 12v air compressor is able to deliver a maximum working pressure of 80 PSI. And the air flow rate is 1.06 CFM @0 PSI. So it provides very quick tire inflation or any work faster than others.

Very Easy To Use

This is really easy to use this item. You can read the pressure very easily with the pressure gauge. This compressor also includes a super bright LED work light. So this is very easy to use this unit also in the dark places. And this also takes a little time to do the job. With the kits, air hose and cord, you can use it very easily. Even it can be used for different purposes. You can use it comfortably to inflate up to 22560R18 tires. To do this, you just need to plug it into the cigarette lighter power port, after connecting to the valve steam you just need to turn the compressor on. And after do this, you can easily check the pressure using the pressure display. So that’s quite simple.

Very Compact Item

This is also very popular for the portability. The size and the dimensions are really great for easy transport. And also, it comes with a convenient carry bag. That is the best points for considering it as one of the off road air compressors. You can keep it with you anywhere. When you are on a trip, you can keep it on a side. This hardly takes a big space.

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  • This is a 12-volt air compressor.
  • Maximum working pressure is 80 PSI.
  • Air flow rate is 1.06 CFM @0 PSI.
  • Very easy to read the pressure gauge mounted.
  • Including a fantastic LED work light.
  • Includes a carry bag, for easy carrying.
  • Permanent magnetic motor.


  • Super quiet and works great.
  • Comfortable using.
  • The very compact unit also with the carry bag.
  • Also very faster.
  • Best for the price.

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Overall, this is really best air tools you have ever seen or used. This should be really chosen by you. And we really suggest you read the user reviews on Amazon. You will easily get the points to choose this compressor kit.

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