TireTek Power-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump 12V Compressor

Tire inflators are such kinds of the tool used for daily used. And when anything used daily, it should be very durable. And also, it should be the best one. When you like to buy a tire inflator for your car tires, then you should really choose a best portable tire inflator. This is just a tire inflator that is very suitable for you considering everything.

Maybe, you have never known about it before. But we are sure that after reading this review, you must find this item perfect and suitable for you.

This is the greatest tire inflator you have ever seen. The facilities you will get with this one won’t get find in any others. We will discuss everything in the bellow. But before reading them you also need to know about the specialty of this specific item. That means you need to know why people like this, and why you should also like this. Even you will make a decision about this is really for you or not.

At first, you need to be serious about some of the important points. These are really essential for all before buying any item. If you don’t know which are the points, don’t worry we have included them here.

TireTek Power-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump 12V Compressor
TireTek Power-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump 12V Compressor

Great Quality

This is really one of the best quality products with its amazing features. The design is also pretty good and it provides a long durability of this unit. It is faster, quieter, portable and very durable item. So you will get all the good quality with this portable tire inflator.

Very Powerful Unit

This is really a powerful unit that is able to deliver 40 liters of air pump per minute. And it does this with 180W automobile. This is able to inflate a standard size car tires less than 3 minutes. So if you really looking for any item that provides more power than others, it is really suitable for you.

Multi-Purpose Tire Inflator

This is really a multi-purpose tire inflator that can be used for different works. You can use it for sports equipment like footballs, volleyballs, basketballs etc. You can also use it for camping equipment. It comes with additional valve accessories. So you can use it for them very easily.

Easy Using

Easy using is another qualification of this tire inflator. The most important thing is the auto shut-off function. That means you can pre-set your desired pressure. While it reaches the desired level, it will get auto shut-off. That is really great with the 10 ft. 12v cigarette lighter cord. It includes an LED work light that is very useful for you to use also in the dark. It has also multiple light options. You can easily choose the constant or the flashing option. You can easily read the pressure by the pressure gauge. That is helpful for providing an accurate air pressure.

Highly Portable

Portability is the most important thing of any portable air compressor or tire inflator. Portability is the essential qualification for any item. And this is really great for portability. The size and the weight are great for carry and transport. The handle is also very useful for carrying it one place to another. And finally, the carry bag is the most important and useful for easy carrying.


  • A powerful 180W automobile tire pump.
  • It delivers 40 liters of air per minute.
  • 10 ft. long reached cigarette lighter cord.
  • Includes a convenient carry bag.
  • Includes an LED work light for using in the dark.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes.
  • It has 1-year no quibble warranty.
  • Power pro portable tire inflator pump.


  • Dimensions: 10.8 x 7.6 x 5.9 inches.
  • Weight: 5.1 pounds.
  • Voltage: 12 volts.
  • Cord size: 10 ft.
  • Item Model Number: TT-YD-3319S.
  • Manufacture Part Number: YD-3319S.


  • Auto shut-off function.
  • Very compact and powerful unit.
  • Very durable and built to last.
  • 3 pieces nozzle adapters.
  • Useful LED light.


Very brand new product. So you cannot look much user reviews.

You should really consider this item. You just need to take a look at it on Amazon. You will find more important information about it there. And it will better for you for buying anything.

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