Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator Review

Here we have mainly discussed one of the most powerful portable air compressors which are mainly a portable tire inflator. We have included everything in the description. You will find all the helpful information you need to choose and buy one. You just need read this article carefully.

At first, we like to tell you very necessary information about best compressors. The point is, ‘if you need a heavy duty tire inflator, then you should choose 2X tire inflator. 2X tire inflators are able to provide more power and faster work. So they are really helpful for you.

Already we have discussed some of the best off road tire inflators considering all the features, specifications, and price. But this one is from a different tire inflator brand we have not included on our website yet. After researching more and more we have found it.

Like the other best brands this one is also a reliable and popular brand. After reading this review, you will easily understand the quality of these brand products. So you need to know about this specific one first. Let us allow to tell about this the reasons for being in the very top position in the market of this one.

Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator Review
Slime 40026 2X Heavy Duty Direct Drive Tire Inflator Review

Heavy Duty Compressor

This tire inflator is mainly a heavy duty portable air compressor. This is also a direct drive tire inflator. And these types of inflators are able to provide more power than others. This one is a 2X tire inflator. And you know the compressors those have two cylinders can deliver more power to inflate tires faster. It can inflate a mid-size car tire only in 2 minutes.

Includes Almost Everything You Need

This is the inflator that comes with a bright LED light. That is very helpful; for the user to use it also in the dark. Some portable compressors/tire inflators do not come with all additional kits you need to use. But this one comes with everything. Such as a coil air hose, an in-line dial gauge, and also carry case. These are such kinds of tools that must need for using in your work. Sometimes users need to buy them separately, but with this one you have not such problems.

Easy Using

Easy using is one of the most important matters of the best tire inflator. People always look for the tools are easy to use. This one is really one of the easy using units. With the long reach cord, you can comfortably use this. And we have already told about the LED light, that is a very helpful specification of this inflator.

Great Portability

This one is really a portable unit. It has a folding handle made of aluminum that is very helpful for easy carrying. It is also very compact. So you can take it to anywhere in your workplace. This is really a great feature of this compressor.


  • Heavy Duty 2X tire inflator.
  • 30 ft. total long reach cord.
  • Includes a bright LED light.
  • Easy carrying folding handle.
  • Comes with storage case, in-line dial gauge, and air hose.
  • 2-cylinder provides more power.


  • Powerful, quiet and smooth work.
  • Great especially for SUV’s.
  • Very faster. It takes only 2 minutes to inflate standard size car tires.
  • Includes alligator clips power adapter.
  • Useful LED light.
  • Convenient carry case.
  • Long reach air hose.


  • Have not any carry bag.
  • Does not have any user or instruction manual.

Hope that this one is really suitable for the people who are looking for the best 12v tire inflator. You will find all the specifications you need. So you must consider this one. You can also see the user reviews on Amazon if you like.

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