Sandblaster Air Siphon Feed Blast Gun Nozzle Ceramic Tips Abrasive Sand Blasting

So you are there thinking about how you are going to repaint the automobile. You draw up a list of all items you are going to need but can’t decide whether to reduce the cost by using sandpaper as opposed to a sandblaster – but hold on!

Anyone that has ever dealt with a car refinishing project will tell you how monotonous, painstaking and be tiring it can be when done manually. It is time consuming, dirty and can leave you with pain all over. But who said that you couldn’t make your work easier by choosing the best tools you can find?

For paint jobs and the like, sandblasters are some of the best tools you can have. They ensure a nice and clean surface where you can work your creativity and magic – there is no need to let little imperfections ruin what would otherwise be a great piece of the coating. The following is a review of one of the best sandblaster for the money you can acquire for professional finishing.

Sandblaster Air Siphon Feed Blast Gun Nozzle Ceramic Tips Abrasive Sand Blasting 1
Sandblaster Air Siphon Feed Blast Gun Nozzle Ceramic Tips Abrasive Sand Blasting


Sandblaster gun nozzles are some of the critical parts of a sandblaster. They technically perform almost all the work and receive all the stress and shock that characterize sandblasting – you can imagine how much they take from the abrasive elements in an attempt to guide them in the right direction. It is therefore critical that guns are made from durable equipment – it’s self-explanatory here. But this gun is a product of die-cast aluminum which makes it pretty tough. But is this the only characteristic worth highlighting? Probably not!

The sandblaster gun is accompanied by four different nozzles covering your needs – a good thing. Each of them comes with varying diameters for varied abrasion jets. However, the sandblaster requires you to provide your own air supply for the tasks you have to do – it is a good replacement gun for those disappointed by their current product. Regardless, this is a decent choice for any DIYer or professional.


  • Four varied ceramic nozzles fitting the tasks you have – they all have different diameters
  • The item weighs less than 2lbs – easy to handle as you work on the project. You don’t get tired quickly
  • It is an air-powered sandblaster gun meaning that a compressor will come in handy
  • It is quite easy to use – comes with a manual but may still not need it to hack your first project
  • You can use any abrasive elements as long as they are sand-sized – let’s stick with the sand-sized or less to avoid possible problems
  • It is quite versatile, and you can use it for different applications including glass design, and wood seasoning among other projects – there is a lot of options to choose from
  • The product works well with any kind of medium
  • Holds up pretty well and will not give trouble
  • Comes with replaceable tips that guide the flow of abrasives quite efficiently – this is one of the highlight features
  • It works well with the majority of portable blasters – you may not need to change your equipment when replacing your previous blaster with this one
  • The air intake coupler is removable and hence replaceable – a good thing
  • Favorable pricing considering the quality


Well among the most notable of shortcomings include the fact that you have to provide your own hose and air supply. While this may seem trivial, it is quite a source of additional cost. Another shortcoming worth mentioning is that this is a generic product and does not have a significant brand backing it. However, that doesn’t mean much as long as the gun is working pretty well – the reviews from satisfied customers indicate as much.

Some people may notice the cost which is a bit high in comparison to other guns in the same category. However, quality should never be an issue as long as it delivers the necessary results.

The provided instructions may not be quite clear – may come in non-English directions which might be quite helpful.

Buying Advice

If you already have your own compressor and hose, then there is no reason that you shouldn’t buy this product. Typically, Amazon is among the ideal places to make a purchase, but you can still purchase it from your local hardware store. At a price under $20 and free shipping, this deal is quite favorable – of course considering the functionality of the product. However, no warranty information has been provided, and that may be an issue.


The best portable sandblaster must have durable parts to withstand the continued stress associated with sandblasting. They must also be replaceable and nothing better highlights this fact than Siphon Feed sandblaster gun kit. What sets this blaster apart is its reliable performance and ruggedness – a renowned brand may not back it, but its performance stands above rest.

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