Portable Super Flow 12-Volt 140PSI Auto Tire Inflator

After researching a lot as well as considering our self-experience this is confirmed that there is really some good quality portable air compressors on the market. You just need to find out about them. This is not a tough task. We have also found some of the best 12v portable air compressors. This is one of them. As we said we selected it after researching a lot so you can trust it.

Usually, these types of air compressors are used for different types of small and big job. So your compressor size should consider the working type. If you are looking one for inflating car tires or sports equipment then you should really choose the compressors which are mainly used as a tire inflator. And if you need on for any workshop job then you should choose from the big air tank and more power.

Portable Super Flow 12-Volt 140PSI Auto Tire Inflator
Portable Super Flow 12-Volt 140PSI Auto Tire Inflator

However here we have included 12v air compressor that mainly considers as a tire inflator. If you are a car owner or driver or if you have a garage then you must need a tire inflator. This is really fantastic for these people. You must also find it very helpful for you. It has really some amazing qualifications these are great for choosing. The people who have used already are also very pleased with its work.

Works Great

With a maximum air pressure of 140 PSI, this is very powerful one. In fact, this compressor is with a maximum power of 150W. The pressure for the general tire is 30 PSI-40 PSI. This compressor is able to pump the tires normally within 2-3 minutes.

Easy To Use

This compressor is really easy to use. It comes with a user manual. By following the instruction of this manual you can use it accurately and comfortably. You can use the cigarette lighter power for filling fast the unit. It is also very easy to read the pressure on the pressure gauge. With the different nozzles, you can use it for different works. With the long reach cord, this is perfect for using. So there is no problem with using.

Comes with everything

This item comes with different useful parts and elements. They are 1) The compressor. 2) Big air cock. 3) Small air cock. 4) Ball needle. 5) User manual. These are everything you need to run this compressor. As well as you don’t need anything more.

Highly Portable

This one is really great for portability. The lightweight is really helpful for easy moving and transporting. It also comes with a carry bag, which is great for easy carrying. This also takes a little place in your car or anywhere. So you can simply take it with you when you are on a journey. So this makes your journey safer than the past.


  • Maximum working pressure is 140 PSI.
  • Maximum power is 150W.
  • Very easy to read the pressure with the gauge.
  • Can be used the car cigarette lighter power to fill fast.
  • It able to pump the tire with the normal pressure within 2-3 minutes.
  • Includes every necessary accessory.
  • Continuous working time is 15 minutes.
  • Includes a convenient carry bag.
  • 1-year limited warranty. 30 days money back guaranty.

Specification :

  • Voltage: 12v.
  • Maximum current: 14 A.
  • Air pipe length: 1 meter.
  • Dimensions: 16.5 cm x 7 cm x 14 cm. (13.4 x 4.9 x 8.5 inches.)
  • Weight: 1400g. (1 pound.)
  • Power cord length: 3 meters.


  • Great design and style.
  • Comes with 30 days money bag guaranty.
  • Very portable and durable.
  • Small but beautiful and powerful.
  • Quick filling rate.


As this is a new brand so it is not so popular or reliable yet. But don’t worry this is with 30 days money back guaranty.


Hope that you have found the necessary information to make a decision for choosing or not this one. We really suggest you look more. One is not best for all. You may find out much better than this. But remember that you should really consider these qualifications we have included for this one. They are really the symbol of a 12v portable air compressor.

So you can check it or others on Amazon. You will find many others. They may suitable for you. And another reason for going to Amazon is the user reviews. They are really helpful to you. You can also make a decision to choose one considering the reviews. So wish you all the best.

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