Lematec Portable Sand Blaster, Media Blasting Nozzle Gun Review

So you have been insisting on sticking with the old-fashioned way of cleaning the surface for painting in the name of cost reduction? Well, there’s nothing wrong in saving a few bucks for a rainy day but as they say it, time is money, and you may be losing a great deal of it unknowingly.

We are in an age of technology and devices and so why should you be left behind? Don’t let a single task that can be accomplished within a few hours with the right equipment take you a whole day using the wrong equipment.

The following is one of the best sandblasters for the money that best highlight what we are talking about.

Lematec Portable Sand Blaster, Media Blasting Nozzle Gun Review 1
Lematec Portable Sand Blaster, Media Blasting Nozzle Gun Review


Lematech is a relatively new company in the tools manufactures industry but has slowly earned the trust of customers and carved a niche in the industry – but they are also in the food industry where they are excelling.

Their sandblaster is blazing a trail with the top of the range features. It is consistent and pacts sufficient power to start and complete any project that you throw at it. The tool utilizes gravity in its reservoir which means consistency and reliability – critical when it comes to such devices.

The tool blends speed and safety all to your advantage. It features a control valve – fully adjustable – that automates the flow of sand and gravity drives the particles into a mixing chamber directing to a steel nozzle – engineering simplicity at its best.


  • Features an adjustable and durable steel nozzle
  • Ergonomic grip handle that comfortably fits any hand size – this makes using it to be quite a breeze
  • A vented tank for safety
  • A special compartment for holding abrasives – eliminates the need for movement while working on the project.
  • Comes with an extra steel-made tip
  • Overall rugged design
  • It is ideal for DIY projects you may have
  • Sold by a trusted company
  • A versatile sandblaster that performs a variety of functions including steel, glass and iron etching in addition to the removal of rust, corrosion, and peeled old paint.
  • A fully-adjustable control valve that automates medium flow for efficiency. The mechanism employs gravity to drive particles into a mixing chamber and then directing it to the nozzle for feeding.
  • You can use the gun with many types of abrasives including crushed walnut shells, sand, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide among others.
  • Can work with compressors with at least 2.5 horsepower motor and a holding capacity of between 1.5-2.0 gallons.
  • Utilizes pressurized air for efficiency
  • The gun blaster is easy to operate – anyone can efficiently use it.
  • Filter filler cap made of stainless steel which together with an inline filter eliminates the problem of clogged media
  • Weighs a measly 15.2 ounces that make holding and using it a breeze
  • It is favorably priced


This is a gravity-fed sandblaster which is a kind of limitation in itself in particular situations. For example, you cannot use under vehicles or beneath other stuff that needs blasting.

The blaster does not come with an air hose, and so you will need to purchase one – it may be an extra cost, but this does not blur the functionality of the machine, apparently. You will also need to buy an air compressor and air regulator if you don’t already have one.

And unlike its peers, this blaster requires more pressure to work effectively – this may be hard for some compressors to achieve without challenges. However, the components used are sturdy enough to handle this challenge.

The high pressure can also lead to loss of media unless you are in an enclosed space.


This is definitely a top of the range tool you can reliably depend on – the above features are the best indication of this. But apart from the elements, the sand blower comes with a one-year warranty which covers you from defects that are entirely not your fault.

The blower is sold directly by the company ta Amazon without any come-between, meaning that chances of adding up with a fake are minimal. Their customer service is also unmatched with an excellent feedback rate. Any issues that you may have upon purchase are addressed appropriately.


The joy of working on a project is having the right skills and the right equipment. When you want to accomplish a painting project, you will need the best sandblaster to prepare the surface – your optimum objective is to have a nice and smooth pant surface that will be not only appealing but also long-lasting.

The sandblaster from Lematech is quite professional and serves all your sandblasting needs quite efficiently. A quality customer service supports this quality product – you have all you need under a single sandblaster.

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