The 5 Best Shop Air Compressors – Home Garage Reviews 2019

As it is with any other product on the market, choosing the best shop air compressor is not a walk in the park. It is a daunting task demanding a certain level of knowledge on what you should be looking for. The truth of the matter is, there are a significant number of reviews with each having varied information on what you should be looking for.

Air compressors do not come on the cheap and so it is imperative you get the right one for your needs. Luckily, we have compiled some piece of information and reviews that may prove critical in choosing the right air compressor for home shop.

Best Shop Air Compressors Reviews

DEWALT DWFP55126 – 6 Gallon 165 PSI Pancake Compressor


This is a standalone air compressor that will not cost you an arm and a leg. This means that it is favorably priced.

It has low noise levels that will not prove interruptive even when working at full capacity. The compressor also comes with a removable cover that ensures adequate protection and easy access.

There are also couplers and high flow regulators you can utilize. It also has an easy access drain among others. Its leg is lined with rubber to be gentle on your floor and has a high level of effectiveness in performance.

This is an all-weather product you can work with at all times – has a very efficient motor that will start without giving you any amount of trouble.

This compressor is multifunctional and will easily inflate tires – all you need is air accessories such as a tire chuck.You can also use it on framing nose guns among others. This is truly one of the garage air compressors for the money.

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PORTER-CABLE C2002 – Oil Free UMC Pancake Compressor


This 3.55 CFM and 150 PSl compressor have replaceable brush enhancing its efficiency and speed. It comes with a high flow regulator as a safeguard against drops in pressure.

Its air tool combo includes fire chuck, blow gun and attachment, a nylon hose, quick coupler, Teflon tapes, and plugs – almost everything you expect to get. Users find this compressor multifunctional and efficiently work on two framing nailers.

Refilling it is fast and easy – only takes about three minutes and you are back to the task at hand. It weighs just 34lbs and so it is easy to move around to where the primary function is. The compressor carries a good design with no sharp edges making moving it around and use it, easy.

All in all, this a functional tool you will be proud of having around in your home. It is not time wasting and has the low amperage to save you some power dollars.

As a home user, this is one device that will excite you as it is maintenance-free. The oil-free pump makes everything easier as there is no dealing with oil spills. This pump also ensures durability and flawless operation.

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Campbell Hausfeld FP209499AV – Air Compressor Kit


This little compressor is ideal for filling bicycle tires, vehicle tires and any other outdoor equipment that needs filling. Its 3-gallon tank makes it appropriate for light use, especially for sports equipment.

The compressor kit is oil-free and meaning that they are also maintenance-free. It is only 21lbs making it one of the lightest and thus easy to transport wherever you want. This product comes with a 10-piece accessory you require to ignite your DIY project.

It has a handy air pressure gauge to keep you informed of how much pressure you have left and determine whether it’s sufficient for completing the task at hand. The motor runs smoothly and longs for adequate power necessary for the project or job you are doing.

The compressor is compact and portable. Its pricing is also quite favorable meaning that you will not strain to afford it. Even though quite unpopular, the features it packs indicates it is without a doubt one of the air compressors for home shop you will find out there.

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Bostitch BTFP0212 6 Gallon – 150 PSI Oil-Free Compressor


At 33lbs and measuring 14 inches, the compressor is a bit heavy. However, its other features quickly make up for these little shortcomings.

For starters, it is 80dBA making quite comfortable to work with – low noise for inside the house DIYs. The compressor has an easy to locate and use control panel with all the appropriate control components.

The gauge and connectors are positioned well for more natural usage – you will not feel lost trying to differentiate one from the other. It comes with two connectors capable of working with numerous air tools.

And it takes 150 PSI just 2.5 minutes on medium duty use. The compressor comes with a 6-gallon tank and easily outclasses other products in its category – it is the real deal.

The compressor has a large handle for more comfortable transportation and handling – quite convenient. This is one of the size air compressors for home garage tools for medium and professional level use.

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PIAS003 Premium – Auto Air Compressor


The air compressor comes with a number of useful features such as emergency lights and torch. It has quite an efficient and powerful pump with the capacity of working 22lts per minute.

It can thus take about four minutes to inflate a 30 PSI tire. The digital pressure stops immediately the right pressure is attained ensuring cases of overfilling are minimal.

Its air tool is long lasting and durable, and feet have a rubber grip for efficiency. The compressor is compact and occupies minimal space in your car. The compressor has several adapters to serve various purposes to fit a number of inflatables and sporting goods. If you are looking for the right air compressor for the shop then it will be the right one for you. They are pretty popular for their airtight valves ensuring minimal air leakages.

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Choosing the best shop air compressor for the money

Home Shop Air compressors are versatile tools for home and workshop projects. However, there are various things you need to look out for before you can acquire one of them – you need the best.


The various types

Your choice of a compressor will depend on varying factors such as the type of work and the capacity.

  1. The Stationary Air Compressor

These are quite large designed for large spaces and heavy duty use such as in a garage. The large tank means that you can work for long hours without any problem. Their vertical designs are not for small spaces.

  1. Portable air compressor

These are the most typical based on their compact and portable qualities. People love tools that are easy to carry around wherever they go. The storage tank is small, has wheels and easy-to-grip handles. One example of the portables include the pancake air compressor ideal for powering various types of air guns and airbrushing.

  1. Inflators

Are smaller varieties that come without a storage tank. Rather, they come packed with a motor that supplies a continuous flow of air. Inflators are ideal for sports equipment, tires, and floats. Their small size also makes them quite portable and takes up little spaces in your car.


Maintenance Tips for Air Compressors

No one will buy such a tool as a compressor for the short haul. The goal is to have and use it for a longer period. Basically, the majority of quality compressors – not those that you obtain cheaply from someplace – are low maintenance. But that is no trump card to neglect them. The following are some of the maintenance tips.

Use the Manual: tools and other devices come with a manual for a purpose. They tell you how to efficiently use the compressors for durability and efficiency. If you stick with what the manual is telling you, chances of accidents are minimal. The manufacturer knows best.

Clean the Fuel Tank: make sure to clean the fuel tank at least at least once every year. Cleaning ensures the optimal performance of the engine as there is no residue hampering performance and preserves your engine’s lifespan.

Cleaning the Air Filter Intake: a dirt-filled air compressor takes in the air much slowly. Make sure to always clean the air filter, and the air compressor will be much more efficient.

Don’t Drain the Moisture: most compressors come with a moisture drain valve for a purpose. It drains the excess moisture collected from the atmosphere mainly if your area is characterized by high humidity. Avoid the temptation to remove the moisture while there is some air pressure inside.

The Separator Element Replacement: the primary role of the separator element is to ensure there is no excessive use of oil. For engine efficiency, replace the separator element periodically.

Oil Replacement: this is if your compressor uses oil. Ideally, change the oil after every 500 hours of use to ensure durability and continued efficiency.



If it comes to it, you need the best air compressor for home shop for your DIY projects. However, choosing the right one is usually down to features, use and price. The above review hopefully gives you a good idea.

You can even choose anyone from the five reviewed above as long as it is going to adequately fulfill your needs. For the top results, always make sure to sufficiently maintain your compressor, although most of them are maintenance-free.

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