The 4 Best Sandblasters for the Money – Portable & Fixed Reviews 2019

It is imperative to have a clean surface before commencing on a painting task. However, it takes a significant amount of time to manually remove corrosion, rust and old paint.

Blasting sand or other abrasive materials hastens the process and makes it easier and efficient. They cut the time you would have spent using the old-fashioned sandpaper from hours to a few minutes.

The best sandblaster makes the removal of impurities on the surface quite a breeze. They contribute to an ideal paint finish you will be proud of at the end of it all. In the following write up, we dive headfirst into the topic and provide some vital information to help you in the selection process.

Comparison Chart of Sandblasters Reviews

The 4 Best Sandblasters for the Money – Portable & Fixed Reviews 2019 1The 4 Best Sandblasters for the Money – Portable & Fixed Reviews 2019 2Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV2lbs
The 4 Best Sandblasters for the Money – Portable & Fixed Reviews 2019 3The 4 Best Sandblasters for the Money – Portable & Fixed Reviews 2019 4Generic Air Siphon Feed Blast1.9lbs
SpeedBlaster-Gravity-Feed-Media-BlasterSpeedBlaster Gravity Feed Media Blaster6lbs
The 4 Best Sandblasters for the Money – Portable & Fixed Reviews 2019 5The 4 Best Sandblasters for the Money – Portable & Fixed Reviews 2019 6Lematec Portable Blaster1.1lbs

Best sandblasters For The Money 2019

1.Campbell Hausfeld AT122601AV – Top Sandblaster For Car Frame


For those in the market for the sandblaster for car frame, then this is the right product for them. Its functionality and portability are quite unbeatable, and the simple design it carries is nothing short of impressive.

This is the cheap sandblaster in the market. The hose has adequate flexibility to stretch and direct to the spot you need to be cleaned for the paintworks – convenience at its best.

The 10ft satin-black hose etches the surface and leaves it clean and ready by sucking the abrasion. Campbell Hausfeld comes with a steel pickup tube, ceramic nozzle and allure wrench.

This sandblaster is indisputably a reliable product demonstrating a high level of efficiency in dealing with hardened debris, rust, and paints you need to be removed. The blaster’s hopper is sufficiently large for dealing with up to 120lbs of abrasive media for a significant amount of time – up to 200 minutes. Portability is not an issue as the blaster comes with wheels – how convenient?

2.Generic Air Siphon Feed Blast – Industrial Sandblaster

siphon-feed-sandblaster-gun-kitIt is genuinely heavy-duty with a die-cast aluminum gun – it’s built to last. However, you will require an air compressor to run it efficiently.

It comes with four different units of the ceramic nozzle with varying diameters. This is for varying blasting applications. The container has an ergonomic grip for excellent support.

And with the aid of gravity, the flow is pretty smooth. If you are looking for a small sandblaster, you have come to the right place and this is the right product for you.

The gravity functionality makes it easy for you to utilize in any position – whether sideways, upright and downwards where necessary. This feed blaster will give the best results no matter the position you choose. This is among the best industrial sandblaster you will find around.

3.XtremepowerUS 30 Pound – Portable Sandblaster Reviews


The XtremepowerUS 30 Pound scores highly when it comes to portability. The performance and reliability are qualities to write home about – it just one of those products good enough for the surface cleaning at hand before a paint job.

This sandblaster is the go-to kind of product when you have stubborn stains, rust, and corrosion on your hands. It has a volume of 20 gallons and only takes 30 minutes to refill.

There is a ten-foot hose for enhanced reach, especially for those areas that seem unreachable for blasters. It is, therefore, one of the best portable sandblasters on the market.

Its efficiency is such that you can easily peel significant layers of plaster and paint to ensure a clean surface during a surface rehabilitation process. This saves you a lot of time and energy that would have been wasted – quite reliable to say the least.

And what’s more, the sandblaster comes with a water separator to keep off any mist from the works for efficiency. For your safety, there is an air release valve that keeps you from accidental injuries. You will agree that this is one of the top blasters on the market by far – wouldn’t you?

4.Lematec Portable Blaster – Portable Sandblaster Gun Reviews


If you are thinking about the sandblasters for car works, then Lematec Portable Blaster is your go-to product for many reasons. For starters, this blaster can help rehabilitate a beat down car surface efficiently – it can recycle, revive and refresh.

The stubborn corrosion, stain, and rust have no chance against Lematec Portable Blaster. There is a fully-adjustable control valve for the flow automation.

It operates at 60 PSI pressure, adequate for the before-painting cleaning you throw at it – can we say dependable? It demonstrates versatility by dealing with stone carvings and glass etching.

The blaster also deals with various types of media including aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, glass, and crushed walnut shells among others.

How To Choose The Right Sandblaster

The fact that sandblasters are numerous on the market makes the selection process hard. It is even harder if you are a newbie when it comes to paintworks or you have no idea what you should be looking out for. To make it easier, we provide a list of factors to guide you to the ideal sandblaster for your needs.

The types of Sandblasters

yes. There are various types of sandblasters. In fact, there are three categories: gravity, siphon and pressure blasters. The gravity-fed varieties utilize gravity for the task. Basically, sand is put in the hopper, mounted to the gun and connected to the compressor. The air comes out in full force by pressing the trigger.

Siphon sandblasters are similar to gravity varieties. However, the hopper holding the sand is underneath the nozzle. Pressing the trigger pushes air at high speeds out the vent in a suction-like manner.

The pressure washer sandblasters require a highly specialized canister media. The guns are attached to the canisters and pulling the trigger blasts sand out of the canister. Even though quite expensive, the pressure blasters are quite practical and easy to use – they are worth the extra investment.


sandblasters are available in different sizes with mini sandblasters being the lightest and the most portable sandblaster. Mini sandblasters are quite capable when it comes to dealing with rust, corrosion, and stain.

These small varieties have a small nozzle you can as well utilize to embed designs onto glass. The large sandblasters are the heavy-duty varieties. They come with wheels and handle to make them portable.

The industrial sandblasters are the biggest and are quite unwieldy. They are typically mounted on a truck and used primarily for large outside jobs.

Industrial sandblasters are quite capable when it comes to removing paint from buildings. These blaster varieties are common among renovation and construction works.


This is just a special kind of container for holding sand or other abrasive media – sand is the most common. A large hopper has a more significant capacity for sand and provides the much-needed continuity when doing a particular paint job.

A large hopper is time-saving and allows you to work without having to keep refilling the container as you work.

A Good Pistol Grip

It goes without saying that a decent pistol grip is more comfortable and necessary for efficiency. It also saves you from getting blisters and makes the blasting process quick – you do not have to keep putting it down to recover from the associated shock.

The Fuel Tanks

Sandblasters like any other machine need a source of power to function. If you are going for the fuel types, then a bigger tank is much more convenient. You don’t have to keep refilling now and then.

Heavy-Duty Steel Material

It’s no secret that sandblaster equipment undergoes a significant amount of abuse. It, therefore, goes without saying that they should be made of rugged steel for durability.

The Abrasive Media

The machine alone cannot accomplish a sandblasting task on its own. It will need abrasive materials like sand and walnut shells to scour the surface clean for painting.

How you Use a Sandblaster

The first thing you do is join all the components – the siphon air jet, nozzle and power head. Tightly insert the nozzle into the powerhead and then followed by the siphon air jet. Attach the gun to the power head and make sure it is tight.

After all the attachments are in place, turn on the device and carry on with the surface rehabilitation exercise. Make sure to aim at the spot you need to be rehabilitated and avoid other areas that don’t need it.

And to ensure your safety, always have a pair of safety goggles to protect your eyes from flying media. The respirators and mask will come in handy in avoiding breathing harmful paint particles.

You will need to wear hand gloves to keep your hands from the abrasive particles – after all, you are not working on your hands but rather, the wall, apparently. Check Out How to Use

Final Word

When you need to apply a fresh new coat of paint to your vehicle or wall, you will need to first get rid of all impurities. This includes old paint, rust, and corrosion among others. Hand sanding is a slow and tiring process. However, the best sandblasters for the money efficiently deal with the stains and other impurities within a short period.

This review includes a compilation of some of the top sellers, and you cannot go wrong choosing any one of them. But should you think otherwise, the above information will undoubtedly prove helpful in getting a decent blaster to suit your needs? After all, the goal is to have the top product for our needs.

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