Best Portable 12v Air Compressor In 2019

For automobile owners, motorbike or even sports gear, air compressors are essential. They are a source of peace of mind, as a matter of fact. Dead tires in the middle of nowhere or deflated sports gear are killjoys by themselves.

In the following review, we jump into the subject of air compressors and provide you with some insight on the topic. Our goal is for you to get the best 12V air compressors for your needs so your life can be a little bit easier. Let’s jump right into it.

12v Air Compressor 2019 Reviews

EP Auto 12v DC Portable Air Compressor Pump


This EP Auto 12 DC is typically a favorite among car owners, and it is for a good reason. Its great features are something that car owners find attractive.

For starters, the capability to plug into cigarette sockets makes them quite functional. The pump comes with an auto shut feature that keeps the tire from bursting.

This feature keeps track of tire pressure and shuts when the appropriate level is attained – quite functional. It has a 1.06 CFM inflating speed and a digital display to help in navigating the controls or keeping track of the inflating process.

You will also find an LED torch for those ‘inflating-in-the-dark’ moments – it can quite be frustrating trying to feel where the valve is in pitch darkness. This 12v dc air compressor is by far among the most stylish – quite the attractive one – and compact enough to occupy a fraction of the boot. It is also versatile as you can use it for other functions.

Viair 00073 70P – Heavy Duty Portable Compressor


This product’s function and performance are above board – the rave reviews say as much. It is a heavy-duty 12v air compressor any sane person would not just pass up. The compressor easily inflates a variety of tires that it’s almost like a fun activity. Your task is to only plug it to a 15 amp power, and you are good to go.

It is among the most silent compressors that may surprise you at first and wonder whether it is functioning – that’s the beauty of it. The compressor also has a zip-up fabric case for more comfortable transportation and storage. The compressor demonstrates a high level of durability and service. Its cord is 15ft long, adequate for ensuring it can reach the furthest wheel without the need to keep moving the compressor – though that does not mean it is unwieldy.

Viair 12v Air Compressor – 00088 88P


It seems Viair know what they are doing when it comes to 12v air compressors. This is another quality product making an appearance on this list. The fact that the product is in the mid-price range is nothing short of a steal.

The features place the product on a level of their own. It is 1.94 CFM compressor, adequate for tight sports and emergency situations. The product is quite reliable as you can use it on trucks, ATVs, and sedans without a hassle. And to ensure power savings, the compressor comes with an alligator clamp – this allows you to embed it to the battery.

Among all the top rated 12-volt portable air compressor, this is my favorite. At 4.75lbs, this compressor is pretty lightweight and portable. It is also gentle on your ears and will not make a lot of noise. The compressor comes with a pressure gauge to keep you informed of the pressure status. The motor within this tool is gearless and something that will stoke your interest fully.

P.I.A Tire Inflator – 12v Portable Auto Air Compressor


Even though not quite famous, this is one product with the right features to make it on this list. For starters, it is a compressor that we can say underscores the current technological revolution.

It comes with a microprocessor keeping track of the tire pressure. The microprocessor automates the tire pressure and maintains it at an appropriate level. It also has very powerful LED lights for those emergency situations in the night. As a matter of fact, the compressor can inflate a flat within four minutes – up to 30 psi. It has a 12ft cord giving you the capability to reach all the tires without having to move the compressor.

And something that will surely excite you is the combo from the manufacturer the air compressor comes with. There is a carry bag, tire care guide, dust caps, and instruction manual. All this are what you need with the air compressor.

TireTek RX-i Digital Tire Inflator Pump – 12V 160W Portable Air Compressor


Among the standout features of this air compressor include a silent operation. It produces zero noise so that you can work comfortably. It also comes with a carrying case for more comfortable carriage and storage.

TireTek is a robust and reliable compressor capable of inflating a 40 CFM tire within 3 minutes – quite short. It has a 100 PSI as the maximum pressure. The feet of this inflator are rubberized for additional product protection. You will also not need to worry about damaging your surface in any way.

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The digital display provides a readout in terms of BAR, KPA, and PSI. Its auto shutoff feature is something to celebrate as it provides you with a peace of mind. The product also has a 10ft cord in addition to 11.5ft hose extension sufficient to reach all the four tires.

Additionally, you also get various adapters – four in number that you can use for camping and sports equipment in addition to the tires – pretty versatile.

Why do you need a Portable 12V Air Compressor?

There are several ways to inflate the tires or other sports equipment. You can choose engine driven compressors, compressed air or even a hand pump as alternatives to the portable 12v air compressor. So what are some of the reasons you would choose the latter over others?

For starters, it is one easy tool to use as all you need to do is connect to a power source and it does the hard work of pumping air for you. Naturally, you save time and energy every time you use a portable air compressor 12v, and that is a good thing – don’t you agree? You have other things to do apart from pumping the tires with pressure and time waits for no one.

Another good thing about 12-volt portable air compressor is there associated convenience and portability. The machine can easily clip to your vehicle’s power source and inflate the flat tire as you get busy with something else – like talk on the phone with a client.

Choosing the right portable 12v air compressor

Without attempting to further confuse you technical jargon, we list some the factors to look out for when buying the right 12v air compressors. They are things you can pick out for yourself without the need for a handyman – someone to help you sort through the technical terms.

  • CFM: the cubic foot per meter is a popular rating for varying air compressors. This rating just informs you on how quick the device supplies air. If shopping around for a compressor and other such products, this is a factor you might want to think about.
  • PSI: the pound per square inch is another common rating you will come across when going through various compressors. Typically, this rating is not too critical but that is no reason to disregard it. A higher PSI just means the compressor will give a particular amount every minute. Typically, you would choose a higher PSI as you would not have to wait for long to have the equipment fully inflated.
  • Noise: this is typically measured in dBA. The majority of hobbyists may not have a problem with it. A higher unit underscores how loud it is while a lower one is quieter. However, your focus should not only be on noise but performance. It would not make any sense choosing low dBA equipment just to have poor quality 12v air compressor.
  • Weight: light and compact are more natural for transport and storage. However, this shouldn’t be at the expense of other essential features.
  • The Size of the Tank: this is usually based on preference. However, a bigger tank means better capacity and holds more. A more substantial tank compressor is desirable if you have several big projects. However portable air compressor 12 v need not be as big as their primary task is inflating sports equipment or tires – even better, get a smaller one.
  • The Cord Length: Ideally, longer is always better. A more extended cord just implies that it will be easier to reach all the wheels without having to continually move the equipment. Getting a shorter cord is a kind of inconvenient if you think about it taking into account the power source.

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Final Word

Choosing the right 12v portable air compressor for tires for tires shouldn’t be too hard. That is if you know what you should be looking for. There are apparently many competing products and choosing can be a tough task, to say the least.

The above selected make the cut based on their functionality, and attractive features any car or sports equipment owner would love. Therefore, rest assured you will be getting among the best in their price range. Have fun!


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