The 4 Best Nail Guns for Fencing – Reviews 2019

A wooden fence can add to the appeal of your property in a significant manner. However, they are not always as easy to put up as it sounds, especially when you are minus the right tools.

But who said that you must break some sweat when dealing with such kind of jobs? The best nail gun for fencing can make your task a breeze and pretty enjoyable – it is always enjoyable to accomplish such a task efficiently and within a shorter period.

Nail gun for fence Compared

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But what does it entail to acquire the best device around? Well, for starters, power is one thing. You can’t have a tool that struggles to do the job it’s supposed. Something with sturdy construction and easy to use will also suffice. Below is a review of some of the best tools to accomplish your fencing easily within the shortest possible time.

Best Nail Guns For Fencing 2019 – Reviewed By Expert

Hitachi Plastic Collated Framing Nailer – Nail Guns For Framing


We start you off with NR90AES1 – an ideal tool for those that have other things to do rather than sticking around doing the same task over and over.

Yes! The speed of this device is quite something to write home about if you know what we are talking about. The device features a 21-degree magazine that is easy to load and repair in case something goes awry – you know how these power tools are.

The machine accommodates an assortment of nail sizes – a good thing! So, how much power does this nailer pack? Well, enough to ensure adequate penetration of the nails – no need to finish it off with a hammer.

What about the price? All we can say is that it comes at a favorable price considering its functionality – it is one good nailer that you will definitely enjoy using – and we are not kidding you!

NuMax SFR2190 21 – framing nail guns for sale


For woodworkers looking for a tool that isn’t too expensive and which can take the pressure of everyday use, then your search stops here. NuMax SFR2190 is one durable tool that easily gives you a considerable amount of service as a hobbyist or DIYer.

However, it comes without some of the features that its peers have such as the tool-less jam removal – but if you don’t have that much work, then this is a pretty good device. You also have to switch out the trigger to reach bump-fire functionality.

However, home users have no problem with it and are okay pulling the trigger for every nail – no problem whatsoever for them. If you are the kind of character that can’t find anything wrong with a framing nailer as long as it does its work, then there is no reason not to choose this tool. Generally speaking, this tool is definitely among the best cordless nail gun for fencing you will find anywhere.

Paslode F350S – Nail Gun For Fence Pickets


Paslode f350s is one brand that needs no introduction. In fact, it is one toolmaker that has cemented their place as among the best in producing nailers and the Paslode f350s framing nailer best highlights this.

The tool is weather resistant, light and comes at a lower price compared to its peers. To be honest, this tool has some of the features you will not see with other cheap products – may be forgiven for thinking that it carries the wrong price.

The placement of the handle and the center of gravity make using it to be such a breeze – the joy of everyone on a fencing activity.

Another feature that will get you excited is that it quickly handles any nail size – functional without a doubt. And if you are some kind of novice that can’t even hammer a nail with a few strikes, then this product will be kind to your skills as you grow into them – we all start somewhere, but this cheapest paslode nail guns will be with you on your skill-acquiring journey.

BOSTITCH F21PL – Nail Gun For Fence Building


The F21PL is a tool that is quite special – it has some features that will leave anyone with their mouth wide open.

Mostly, its features are something that you don’t often get from other products – they go above and beyond. The machine is ideal for both a novice and pro and features a sequential trigger, and a bump nailing.

The nailer has an impressive nailing power of up to 1,050lbs enough to drive any nails sufficiently – doesn’t matter whether hardwood or softwood. And to demonstrate the significant confidence manufacturers have on the product, the tool comes with a seven-year warranty – you will not get much anywhere.

This device has magnesium housing for durability. It is lightweight that you will love using it – no hassle of lifting it. And without exaggeration, this is probably one of the best electric nail guns you will get anywhere – the right tool for the job, as we say.


There’s no doubt that framing nailers make your task so much easier by saving you a significant amount of energy. However, these are tools that have the potential to mortally wound you if used incorrectly.

Professional framers commonly use the bump trigger feature, but this is among those features that will land you in the Emergency Room. They are not very useful for home users but are quite helpful in the field for assembly-in projects.

Mainly, the bump trigger works under two conditions.

First, the muzzle has to be under some level of compression and secondly, the user has to pull the trigger. What this means is that you hold down the trigger and bump the tool against the work you are doing for effective delivery of the nail.

Without any doubt, the feature is pretty convenient but is also a risk hazard. It is possible for nails to be deflected if the nailer is placed in the wrong position on the wood.

Novices are likely to have itchy trigger fingers where they hold the trigger down even when they are not ready to fire. If by some bad luck they trip, the nail would go flying in the wrong direction causing a severe injury.

In contrast, a sequential trigger has some level of safety – a far cry from the pump trigger. The fundamental principle behind the sequential trigger is that both the muzzle and the trigger must be pulled in that order for it to work.

The sequential trigger mechanism may sound easy, but it can be a drag when working on a project where you need to use the tool a lot – quick hands may feel it is taking way too much time.

It means that you will have to line up the gun correctly before you can make the shot – yes nail! It also only fires once at every pull of the trigger, and if you think about it, this is a good thing indeed regarding safety.

If you are a novice it’s a good idea to stick with the safest option until you are out of the woods regarding skills safety comes first, always. But you will first need to familiarize with the nail gun before you jump in start firing nails all over a project.

Handling the nails with care is the best safety measure you can take – don’t you agree? Every year, numerous workers are wounded by misfired nails – figures never lie. Read every bit of your manual so that you are well-placed to use the tool – it doesn’t hurt to read all you can about a device.

You will learn a few things here and there and which is definitely a good thing. Avoid small talk with others when you are handling the nail gun – some of us are magnets for conversations but choose to avoid them at all costs during this time. Concentration is critical when using the nail gun for the fence.

Don’t turnaround when operating it and avoid placing your hand closer to the line of fire – anything can happen, and you may find your hand nailed, as well. One of the most fundamental safety measures you can employ when working with the power tools is wearing safety clothing. A striking gun easily sends fragments flying around.

You are therefore in safe hands if you have a face mask, gloves and safety goggles. And while you are at it, get some protective cover for your ears, as well. Some sturdy boots for your feet will also be sufficient protection.

However, having all the right equipment does not diminish the importance of working in well-lit, non-slippery workspace.

FAQS of Nail Gun for Fencing

What nails for fencing?

Choosing the right nails that would prevent splitting are the 3 1/2-inch nails or in other words, the 16-d nails. You will see concentric rings all-round the ring shank nail. The purpose of these ridges is to grip the wood appropriately providing a secure fastening.

The right nail material depends on the kind of wood you are using. If using redwood or cedar, then aluminum and stainless steel nails are sufficient. Pressure treated wood will require stainless steel or galvanized nails. Some wood like pine has a reputation for warping.

In such a case, use galvanized steel 6-d ring shank nails. Galvanized is cheaper and will help reduce the overall cost but don’t use it on cedar – it easily corrodes.

What type of nail gun to use for framing?

There are various types of nailers such as a roofing nailer, fencing nailer, flooring nailers and finishing nailers among others – something like that. Framing nailers are the heaviest duty among them, and they require about 3.5-inch nails. The ideal tool has a sequential trip or switchable contact for efficiency.

Typically, you should go for the machines that are sufficiently powerful and durable – these don’t come cheap but are worth the investment. And remember not to use the wrong kind of nailer in a bid to make savings.

What is a framing nail gun for?

This is one of the famous kinds of air gun models used in woodworking projects. They are heavy duty compared to some of its peers. The primary objective of having a framing nailer is to make the task of a carpenter easy – no tiresome hammering here and there.

And unlike the finishing, roofing of flooring nailers, these models are ideal for projects that need a high level of precision. Basically, these models make assembly of wooden frames easier and faster.

Are all nail guns air powered?

The simple answer to this question is no. There are of course different power sources apart from pneumatic. With pneumatic guns, it is critical to ensure that the compressor can handle all the air tools you are using. The limiting factors of pneumatic include reduced mobility from using the air hose and compressor. Then there is the battery-powered or the cordless.

As you can probably imagine, these varieties offer more mobility in comparison to the air-powered. And even though the battery-powered have quick start functionality, their power is less in contrast to the pneumatic – this is especially critical for those looking for something with the ability to handle all types of wood.

Another cordless nail gun is the fuel-driven devices. These combustion-powered guns come with a gas cartridge from which the oil drains. But they also feature a battery from which a charge comes for fuel ignition. Basically, the explosive force resulting from the reaction is what drives the nail that far.

And just like the battery-powered, these varieties are quite mobile – no cords and no wires. They pack enough power to drive nails into hard surfaces – they are also the heavy-duty types sufficiently powerful for the hard projects you have lying around.


If you are the kind of character that loves a well-done job, then you don’t compromise on the type of tools you use. And when it comes to fencing, you will naturally need the best nail gun for fence pickets that you can find to make your work easier, enjoyable and quality. The kind of nailer you choose can either make or break the quality of your fencing – and we both know what you would rather have.

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