The 4 Best 120V Air Compressors – Portable Reviews 2019

Tired, right? are you looking for best 120v air compressors on the internet? Most of the buyers face the same problem as you. Don’t worry! I have a solution for you. We recognize how challenging it is to find the right machinery for your needs. We cannot all be technical gurus to understand the fine print and specifications that usually accompany these types of products.

As a result, we are left at the mercy of the supplier and crafty advertisers. Fortunately, you will not have to search very much as we have done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of some of the top sellers in the market. We have also incorporated some information to help you in the selection process to get the best 120v tire inflator reviews for your needs.


Best 120v Air Compressor Reviews 2019

1.Porter Cable Pancake Compressor – PCFPO2003 & 135 PSI


There are not many quality beginner-friendly air compressors out there that can match the Portable Cable Pancake Compressor. It is quite easy to use and more importantly, pocket-friendly. Beginners are usually hesitant about spending significantly on equipment they are not so good at using.

This attractive model is packed with 90 PSI and 3.5-gallon tank, sufficient to allow you to complete the task at hand. The fact that it is an oil-free compressor means that it is maintenance-free and stress-free. It is compact air compressor 120 volt and relatively lightweight that you can quickly move it around to your place of work – weighs 26lbs. You can quickly access the air through the quick coupler. And at 82 dBA, the device is a bit comfortable on the ears and will not wake your next door neighbor when working.

Regarding performance, this compressor proves ideal for the small tasks that you may have around your house or garage such as roofing and the like. It has a low amperage of 10 amps that do not stress the circuit breaker. The compressor also comes with a clear easy to read gauge for more comfortable use. It also has two connectors enabling you to work two tools simultaneously.

If you are looking for the best 120 volt portable air compressor so this is the right option for you. And read the porter cable 135 psi air compressor manual before installing and ensure when it is delivered from Amazon.

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2.Portable Cable CMB15 – Oil-Free Fully Shrouded Compressor


This is a compact compressor, adequate for handling small tasks around the house such as inflating the toys. And to enhance its multi-functionality, the compressor comes with an accessory kit packed with items to handle several inflation tasks. Portable Cable CMB15 is sufficiently powerful for a variety of tasks. The 2.0 SCFM at 90PSI is not too shabby, to say the least.

Before purchasing from Amazon, Check porter cable cmb15 parts are available or not. In terms of safety, the machine has a thermal overload protector – we can never be too careful about this equipment. The compressor has a single storage pump and comes along with a 1.5-gallon tank, adequate for handling small jobs here and there.

It has a higher limit of 150PSI and a reputation for charging fast. Try Our 120-volt air compressor for tires. This might be the best 120 volt portable air compressor for you. 

As a matter of fact, this device is perfect for anyone looking for a budget option delivering higher performance. It comes with a pressure switch that starts immediately the pressure falls below 120 PS. It also switches off the motor once the necessary pressure is attained – it relieves you from the hassle of having to monitor the gauge continually.

Other great features include a powerful 0.8hp motor and a pretty low and comfortable 79dBA noise level. If you are a beginner, please confirm that you got porter-cable cmb15 manual otherwise installing or if any problem arises you will be in trouble. So this is a short porter cable cmb15 review, we will explain this product in depth later.

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3.Campbell Hausfeld 120v Home Air Compressor


There is a reasonable explanation for the growing popularity of this compressor. For starters, it comes with amazing features to earn the best 120-volt tire inflator label – deservedly. Campbell Hausfeld comes with a 10ft electrical cord that easily plugs into the 120v socket – you will not need to source for extra power.

There is a cord and hose storage space ensuring that they are not lying around when not in use. And at only 5lbs, this is probably among the lightest and most portable 120-volt air compressor you will find. This means that you can comfortably carry it around from one place to the other.

Considering its price range, the compressor’s power is not too shabby. It has a functional built-in pressure gauge that automatically shuts once the appropriate pressure is attained. This makes it easy for you as you don’t need to keep checking and rechecking the pressure of the tire. This is the ultimate 120-volt tire inflator reviews we have written.

Campbell Hausfeld tire inflator comes with a cooling fan to ensure the temperatures don’t go overboard. It is oil-free and hence maintenance-free. The compressor is accompanied by several accessories necessary for all the inflating tasks.

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4.Goodyear I8000 air compressor – 120 Volt Direct Drive Tire Inflator


Goodyear is a brand that needs no introduction since they are established in the market for automobile accessories. Therefore, you can be certain of getting quality by purchasing from them.

The highlight of this product is its quiet and above board performance, sure to interest anyone. It comes with its own adapter specialized for sporting equipment.

However, it is versatile and allows you to fill anything. Its maximum pressure of 150 PSI is something to stoke the interest of anyone who is into compressors. It can inflate any tire without any overheating problems.

There are a 10ft air hose and 6ft power cable, sufficient for the majority of tasks. Goodyear I8000 can fill a tire in under 2 minutes at 28PSI pressure – pretty decent to say the least. Other appealing features include efficient and easy to operate the motor. And based on the fact that it is without gears makes it considerably durable.

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Things to Consider Before Buying 120v Air Compressor

Let’s call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. Choosing the best 120 volt air compressor is never a child’s play with so many of them in the market and each manufacturer trying to outdo the other in marketing. However, knowing what you should be looking for makes all the difference.

And because we care, we have compiled a list of some of the factors you should look out for before you purchase a small 120V air compressor for tires.

The Grade: there are three distinct categories when it comes to compressors. They are a consumer, commercial and contractor and they all vary according to individual needs. All the above products fall under consumer category meaning that they are a low duty and best for small-time inflating needs such as filling sports equipment and toys with air. And not to forget inflating tires among others.

Performance: it is the objective of every buyer to get high-performance equipment when it comes to it. No one wants to stick around with a low performer as it would mean spending a significant amount of time and money.

Basically, there are two critical units you should pay attention to and that includes standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM). The unit indicates the capacity of airflow required to achieve optimal performance. SCFM is dependent on the degree of pressurization often denoted as PSI.

The 120v portable air compressor has a higher SCFM as they guarantee top of the range performance. And never forget horsepower – another critical unit often associated with motors. This indicates the raw power of the engine. Typically, the majority of 120 V compressors will have a 120v tire inflator ratings of up to 6.5HP. It goes without saying that a higher score is better.

Portability: air compressors can either be stationary or portable. The portables are quite lightweight and popular among domestic users. No one likes something unwieldy especially when it comes to tools and equipment. The stationary varieties are ideal for industrial purposes and do not come on the cheap.

They require some significant investment and would not make sense for domestic users. When purchasing a 120V compressor, pay particular attention to weight. The right one for you should be easy to move around mainly to make it easier to do your chores.

The Size of the Tank: the tank is a fundamental 120V compressor component. Basically, compressors with bigger tanks run for longer without the need for power to kick in.

In other words, they have stored a significant amount of air pressure within them and hence better. Tanks are often measured in terms of gallons. However, be careful when choosing more gallons as it would be at the expense of portability. They would be more burdensome to move around.


The 120V Air compressors versus Tire inflator Debate

If you have been around the 120v portable tire inflator industry, you then may have come across the debate pitting 120V air inflator on one side and tire inflators on the other.

The issue has always been identifying who among them is better when it comes to performance. Well, tire inflators 120 volts is designed for a straightforward task of inflating tires.

They are quite portable and convenient, but that’s just it. They may perform a few other jobs here and there, but they cannot match the versatility of 120v 60 gallon air compressor.

Another reason to go the 120V compressor route is their speed in terms of performance. They are a faster option when it comes to inflating tires than their counterparts the electric tire inflator 120v. Nobody would choose slower equipment over quicker varieties.

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It is always in your top interest to choose the right equipment for your needs. The best 120v air compressors are ideal for domestic use such as inflating toys and other sports equipment. This guide will hopefully prove critical in your decision-making process.

The above-listed products are top sellers, and that can only mean one thing – there is something good about them. Any of the above would make a decent choice and will provide you with the versatility and high performance necessary for your various needs.

So go ahead and use this guide to gift yourself with the air compressor to keep the children happy because the toys are always full to the brim. It will also make it easy for you to inflate the tires.

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